• Job Seekers 

    Aggconsultants has screened reference and interviewed almost all of our more than 5000 top candidates in Gauteng alone.


    Positioned mainly in the financial & adminstration sector you can rest assured that our highly effective Temp and Permanent Divisions will provide you with top caliber financial personnel and corporate staff.


    Aggconsultants provides a total solution in human resource management and we strive to provide the right people to your business so that these human resources can relize your company's goals. 


  •  Employers


    Aggconsultants Provides a sufficient and professional services to all Employers looking for the right cadidate to fill vacancies.


    Aggconsultants will help your company make the right hire which is critical as there is little room in companies budgets to pay the cost of having made the wrong decision for the vacancy.  Finding the right cadidate the first time is becoming increasingly important to most South Africa organisations.  This is why we at Aggconsultants assures the best solution for your companies needs.

    we at Aggconsultants take care of your needs, professionally and efficientley making sure that your first choice is in fact the right choice.

  •  About US

    Why choose our services

    Aggconsultants not only provides you will the right cadidate but can also assure that we have a 3 month grace period as to where the employer as well as the candidate have the option of deciding wether or not the vacancy was his/hers correct choice.